Chimneys & Caps

Chimney service even Santa will notice.

Chimneys are often one of the most neglected, undetected, or misdiagnosed systems in the modern American household. A Guaranteed Roof Inc is here to assist with all of your chimney needs. By inspecting your chimney, determining the source of the problem and providing repairs with efficiency and care, we will make sure your chimney is in top condition to combat the elements for years to come.

We also provide Chimney Cap services. Caps are an essential part of every chimney preventing moisture damage, animal entrance, leave & debris blockage and fire risk. Whether installing or repairing a chimney cap, we are here protect you and your home.


Chimney Services

Roof repairs are a natural part of any building’s life, but can cause significant stress when they occur. At A Guaranteed Roof Inc, we’ve perfected a quick and easy set of repair services which help ensure long term results. No matter your budget for repairs, we are here to get the roof back to providing the coverage it should.

Chimney Services Include:

  • Chimney Repair
  • Chimney Metal Flashing
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Chimney Cap Repair